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Persistent pain can be frustrating, depressing and causes anxiety. Physiotherapy within the chronic pain service is different. The physiotherapists with these skills look at developing different ways to help you get moving again by using SMART goals to ensure the focus of treatment is directed to the your individual needs.

Chronic pain can be improved using physiotherapy strategies, the aim of this service is to enable clients with persistent pain to learn management strategies to increase their functional ability, and improve their quality of life.

Our service has a goal to:-

  • Educate patients on pain mechanisms to reduce anxiety and have a greater understanding of ongoing pain and how it happens with in the body.
  • Offer advice on management strategies such as pacing, problem solving, the effects of stress, sleep, communication, thoughts and feelings, and how to maximize these.
  • Advice on exercise and the importance of movement.
  • Offering support through a difficult condition.
  • Manage your condition through Multi disciplinary team working and integrated working.

At your first appointment you will have a full assessment with one of our physiotherapists that specialise in chronic pain. The appointment will take about 30 minutes and will look at the development of your pain, how the pain is affecting your daily activities, the origin of your pain, previous investigations and treatments you have had so far.

From this an individual and agreed treatment plan can be developed. The initial assessment may require you to have a physical examination so please ensure you wear appropriate clothing so that you can be assessed fully.

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