//Exercise-the key for Low Back Pain

Exercise-the key for Low Back Pain

The old wives tale of “bed rest” as being an approach of many individuals for a long number of years who suffer with back pain.  Thankfully, with improving scientific research and evidence of the effectiveness of exercise in the treatment and management of low back pain, this approach is changing.

Back pain management is increasingly based around encouraging activity and restoring normal function.  Unfortunately, years and years of a message that you should go to bed and rest if you have a pain in your back is not easy to undo and so a disparity between current best medical practice and patient’s actual behaviour exists. 

Low Back Pain:

  • Is uncommon in people aged under 35 years
  • Peaks between the ages of 35-50 years
  • Effects Men and Woman equally
  • Commonly affects individuals with sedentary jobs
  • Often flares up following a period of relative inactivity
  • Usually lasts between 2-6 weeks

In the vast majority of cases of low back gentle aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging or swimming will not further harm the condition and will in fact aid its recovery.  If you’re concerned about your back prior to commencing a new exercise programme, feel free to contact us for an appointment to discuss youir symptoms and put your mind at ease.

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