Using findings from biomechanical assessment, functional screening, knowledge of common injuries with specific sports and review of your training load to formulate a specific injury reduction programme to minimise risk of injury or breakdown in performance.

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Screening and Profiling

Biomechanical analysis of functional movement to determine areas of potential injury, addressing strength imbalances, and improving posture, performance and health. Basically, optimising your movement and prevent injury from occurring through physiotherapy treatment.

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Specific individualised strengthening and / or mobility programme using our clinical based hands on physiotherapy with verbal cues to enable normal movements and progression through different stages of recovery and speedy but safe return to activities and sports.

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Mobility / Stretches

Mobility and stretching treatment, utilising a mixture of static and dynamic movements using foam rollers, trigger balls and power bands to release muscle tightness & restore joint and tissue mobility to enable you to move again.

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Specific isolated muscle activation combined with functional resistance training using bodyweight and other exercise equipment such as power bands and weights to enable fast improvements in strength. This functional physiotherapy treatment strengthens weak body parts and can help prevent injuries from occurring.

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Postural Correction

Postural correction is a physiotherapy treatment, providing a combination of education, rehabilitation, mobilisation and strapping techniques to enable you to increase awareness of the issue, minimise poor posture and modify activities to reduce pain and deterioration of symptoms. If you would like to find out more about our Postural Correction treatments, please do not hesitate to Contact Us – we are always happy to help!

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Soft Tissue Release

Soft tissue release is a combination of techniques such Myofascial trigger point release, where the physiotherapist engages the myofascial tissue “restrictive barrier” (tension) and then loads this tissue with a constant force until “release” occurs. Massage which involves manipulating soft tissue for therapeutic purposes. Massage incorporates manual touch to improve circulation, relax muscles, improve range of motion, and increase endorphin levels. Active release techniques (ART) this is a soft tissue method that focuses on relieving tissue tension via the removal of fibrosis/adhesions that develops in tissue and Dry needling.

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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy involves a combination of ‘hands on’ treatments such as joint mobilisations, manipulations and neuromuscular techniques to restore movement as opposed to using a device or machine. In manual therapy, practitioners use their hands to put pressure on muscle tissue and manipulate joints in an attempt to decrease pain caused by muscle spasm, muscle tension, and joint dysfunction. If you would like to find out more about our manual therapy services, please do not hesitate to Contact Us – we are always happy to help!

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