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Sports physiotherapy deals with the treatment of sports and exercise related injury. These injuries can occur at any age and any level of fitness. You may have a child or adolescent with overuse injuries, you may be a weekend warrior or a high level team or individual competitor preparing for your next competition, no matter what your sport or level of fitness, you are susceptible to injury from time to time. And that’s where we can help
Our physiotherapists work closely with consultants, GP’s and other healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible treatment and care for you. Injury prevention is a significant part of sports physiotherapy. It is imperative to address any predisposing factors that may have led to your injury, such as muscle imbalances or poor core control. Our team promotes injury prevention such as good aerobic fitness levels, cross training where appropriate, and implementing correct warm-up and warm-down protocols for you to use within your sport.

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  • Sport specific rehabilitation
  • Sports massage
  • Biomechanical assessments
  • Taping
  • Mike Boyle certified strength coach

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